After ten years looking after branding, strategy and marketing for brands including IWC Schaffhausen and at high profile publications such as SURFACE, The Los Angeles Times and Cosmopolitan, Keren founded DIGILUXE to combine her network, experience and skills towards the creation of greater economic and social impact across a wide array of businesses. Through DIGILUXE, Keren advises large brands, non-profits, publishing platforms and startups on market-entry, strategy, growth, brand development, marketing, events, digital communications and content - with a strong focus on how to leverage their success, and how to incorporate cultural / creative innovation as part of their core ethos.

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Following several years at leading luxury brands such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Bottega Veneta, Jeremy opened the multi-brand showroom Agent 011 to build and expand fashion brands.  With expertise in sales, merchandising, marketing, and a global understanding of distribution channels, Jeremy has built a 17 year career in wholesale, retail strategy and operations. Jeremy comes on board when our DIGILUXE clients require a specialist in wholesale and retail sales.